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Dance lessons: Not everyone gets to be in the front line

The place most dancers strive to be is the front line or row of an ensemble. A lesson that dance has taught me is not everyone gets to be in the front row, but everyone in the dance routine matters, and just because you're not in the front row, does not mean you're a bad dancer. The front row is the first visual the audience sees, but it's the front row plus the ensemble that support the story line of the dance.

In any industry, people will not always get the front row spot, but they play an important part when it comes to evangelism of the industry work and understanding. As a UX designer, our responsibilities and expectations take many different forms and can be quite confusing at times. While we all can't be a front and center household name, we collectively as a group create a movement, or a dance, that continues to tell a story and educate others about our cause.

Take the talent you have and nurture it in an environment that is healthy for you. Healthy for you may not mean front row center at every stage of your career. Be comfortable in the supporting role when you're there. Remember, you can go for that front row spot in next year's routine.