Experience Research & Design


Photo credit: May Truong

Photo credit: May Truong

My design journey

My work in experience design fulfills my mission to improve others lives, while employing the strategic thinking that I love. Working in this industry has given me the opportunity to challenge myself and others as we work together to create a product that users will value and enjoy. 

I thrive on complicated problems that have many moving parts. I have experience identifying user needs and designing products in the corporate, non-profit, start-up, and small business sectors. My work with US-based and international users has given me many opportunities to learn about how people use and value technology.

I am currently Sr. Manager of Experience Design for Spectrum Enterprise in Denver, CO.


When I'm not designing

When I'm not designing, I am reading and following discussions on information ethics and how information intended for good can negatively impact society. What we create in this world impacts those around us in a direct or indirect way.

Dancing since I was young, I found a love for ballet as an adult and have attended class in a variety of cities across the U.S. In 2016, I brought together the world of ballet and UX with my talks on the information architecture of ballet. Using the architecture of ballet, I believe that a clear and well-defined product macro-architecture allows users to appreciate and enjoy the micro-moments that we as designers seek to create.

I also find myself applying my background as a musician to my Information Architecture, designs, and work. Check out the connection I made between journey maps and composing.

Let's talk!

I am currently available for consultation as a Principal Experience/Service Designer specializing in Research, Strategy, Service Design, & Information Architecture. Reach out if you would like me to walk you through my portfolio or wish to discuss your project. 

Are you looking for a speaker for a conference or event? I’m available to present one of my existing talks or new material at reasonable rates.